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Fitness Depot is an innovative company that sells nutritional supplements , equipment and fitness equipment in Israel and abroad via the Internet. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and health of our customers.

We believe that our customers' satisfaction is the way to achieve success, so our professional team at Fitness Depot is always there to help you achieve the body you've always dreamed of.

Fitness Depot was established after years of hard work and is run by people who live in the field of fitness and sports,

and not just sell products, with comprehensive and professional information on all the products and services we provide.

Fitness Depot The most professional bodybuilding and fitness site in Israel! Our goal from the very beginning was to be the most professional and comprehensive source in Israel in the field of fitness and health

Fitness Depot was founded as a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast, we are tired of buying products from people, shops or guides that interest them solely in how to make some more money! We took sport and health one step further and thought about how we can help people who want to see real results and reach the body they have always dreamed of. We established Fitness Depot to provide professional information, authoritative articles and studies, tips and videos from both what is happening in Israel and what is happening here in Israel. In addition, we decided to supply only the best products in the field, such as those sold in millions of stores around the world and those marketed in almost every country. We live in the field and know exactly which product has real results that people tell about their personal experience and not only those who rely on advertisements

The main problem was to try and save as much as possible in the cost of the products. In order for these discounts to go to your customers, we work with the largest and most reliable importers in Israel and the world's leading manufacturers in order to get you the best products at the best prices.

We are confident that success in bodybuilding and fitness is: comprehensive information, proper nutrition and perseverance. This knowledge enables us to continue to invest in writing articles, nutrition programs and professional and reliable training programs, as well as exclusive offers on the variety of products in the store so that you surfers will enjoy the benefits of the products and save costs, and all the information on the site is available to everyone at no cost.

Why Health Depot?

Guard, the leading and safest clearing company in Israel according to the requirements of the PCI credit card companies

PAYPAL can also be paid through the most secure clearing in the world

Product Quality Assurance: All products sold at Fitness Depot undergo quality control and are inspected by us and in coordination with the manufacturers themselves

Online Support: We at Fitness Depot wish to provide you with a professional, reliable, and agile service

So you can be in touch with us almost all hours of the day in one of the following ways.

Company Values
  • Israel Discount Rates liability
  • Fast deliveries and free shipments on a large variety of products
  • The largest product inventory in Israel
  • The most secure and professional website
  • Comprehensive information is available on a wide range of products
  • Exclusive videos in the production of Fitness Depot
  • The largest photo gallery in Israel
  • Special benefits for members of the site
  • The packaging of the products is better (prevents shipping damage)
  • We offer the largest range of products and brands on the market
  • Exclusive products that you will not see anywhere else
  • Newsletters and articles that help our clients reach results
Additional Benefits

Parent company HSI was established in 2000 and is engaged in the import and marketing of dietary supplements and fitness equipment

The company has a large distribution warehouse in Israel with 600 meters of storage space

Self-collection or fast delivery to your home (usually 2-5 business days)

Gift for every purchase (over 99 NIS) Sample gifts Sorts bottle, shaker , box of balls, shirts, jerseys, training gloves , bags, and more

Our commitment to our customers

"We will provide only quality products that deliver results at the lowest possible prices, and of course we will do our utmost to give you the most reliable and professional service."